Catch the Kloud. Celebrate Savaya's Third Year Anniversary with Keinemusik.

Amidst Savaya Bali's whispering waves and painted sunsets lies memories woven by time. As we approach our third anniversary, a new chapter unfolds—unforgettable moments await with Keinemusik, promising an unforgettable celebration.

Known for their iconic cloud display during sets, Keinemusik is a sensation that reverberates through the world of electronic music. This dynamic collective of artists - &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, and their extended family - crafts beats that transcend boundaries.

Keinemusik's non-traditional style and approach to music production extends to their name, which cheekily means "no music" in German. Alas, their music is a fusion of techno and deep house, draws from various genres like hip-hop, electronica, and afrobeats.

Since 2009, Keinemusik has been a force in shaping Berlin's electronic landscape for over a decade. Comprising four DJs and a talented graphic designer and painter, this collective thrives on existing friendships and shared interests.

Constantly evolving, the group has played from clubs to becoming GTA 5 characters, touring globally, and producing tracks for Drake, hitting #7 on the Global 200 Billboard Charts and many more achievements. They've maintained an impressive rhythm, releasing five tracks annually, all crafted exclusively by the crew. Their imprint extends far beyond Berlin, hosting numerous label parties across global electronic music hubs.

As Savaya Bali embarks on its third year of creating memories, prepare to be immersed in an audiovisual journey as the Keinemusik lineup - &ME, Rampa, and Adam Port - takes the stage against the backdrop of Uluwatu, Bali's stunning coastline. Get ready to dance, connect, and celebrate life. Click the button below for more information.


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