Celebrate Savaya's Third Year with a Rumors Bali Residency.

Rumors, curated by electronic music luminary Guy Gerber, redefines the clubbing experience with its intimate gatherings and eclectic lineups. Since 2014, Rumors has transcended traditional party culture, emphasizing connection and community over spectacle.

The Bali Residency epitomizes Rumors' ethos, blending music and nature against the backdrop of Indonesia's stunning landscapes. Guided by Gerber's vision, Rumors events offer more than beats; they provide a space for genuine connection and exploration.

From Ibiza to Tulum, Rumors has captivated audiences worldwide, setting itself apart with unique locations and a focus on intimacy. Each event is meticulously curated to foster unforgettable experiences, where attendees can lose themselves in the music and the moment.

Join the journey with Rumors Bali and discover the magic of electronic music in one of the world's most enchanting settings.

Sunday, March 17 - Sunday, March 24 - Sunday, March 31 - Saturday, April 6.


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