Music is often what people turn to when looking for hope, inspiration, or a way to capture their most passionate feelings.

Savaya is a word that came from marrying two terms, Sava which is the goddess of sound in Hindu + and aya which means great or grand, resulting in the beautiful notion of Savaya the great goddess of sound. Music and sound is at the core of the ethos for the brand. It comes to no surprise that creating peak experiences surrounding music within Uluwatu, Bali is what Savaya offers.


Music acts as a form of transmission,where guests can be absorbed by an event allowing them to be lost in space and time which ultimately creates a fulfilling happiness. It allows you to be transported in the sense that you crave to go places and explore new adventures. Through the formation of organized sounds, music is one of the first forms or art. Just as stories transport someone back in time, music has the same effect if not sometimes deeper.


Experience a musical journey at Savaya each and every day. View the upcoming events at the link below.


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