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ARTBAT is a Ukrainian electronic music duo renowned for their innovative sound and captivating productions. Consisting of Artur and Batish, the duo has garnered international acclaim for their unique blend of melodic techno, deep house, and progressive elements.

ARTBAT burst onto the global music scene in 2015 with their release "Mandrake" on the iconic German label Diynamic Music, their subsequent releases, such as "Tabu" and "Atlas," further solidified their reputation as producers capable of crafting hypnotic and emotionally charged tracks. Their music exhibits a rich and cinematic quality, often creating a mesmerizing journey that takes listeners on an immersive sonic experience.

Beyond their impressive productions and performances, ARTBAT's success has been recognized by the industry. In 2020, they received the prestigious DJ Awards for Best Breakthrough DJ and Best Melodic House & Techno DJ, solidifying their position as one of the most promising acts in the electronic music scene.

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